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Meet The Yellow Springs Chiropractic Doctors

Photo of Dr. Erika Grushon

Dr. Erika Grushon

I grew up in Yellow Springs and wisely chose to return to this characteristically diverse and mindful village to practice the way I had imagined I would, I suppose, even before I went to school. I have the benefit of serving friends, family, and community members in a way that enriches their lives while at the same time I continue to gain tremendous insight into the human body and how it works. Even after the thousands of hours of training and practice, I am still surprised every day at how efficiently the body can work. I was always surprised at this, but knowing what I know now I am even more amazed….read more about Dr. Erika»

Photo of Dr. Katie Hulbert and family

Dr. Katie Hulbert

I am very fortunate to have grown up in a chiropractic home. My father (Dr. Mark G. Duckwall) was also my doctor. Not only did I go to him to pass the soccer ball with, or watch me jump on the trampoline, but he’s the one I went to when I didn’t feel well, or had a sports injury or hadn’t been adjusted in awhile. At a young age I was fascinated by the human body ….read more about Dr. Katie »

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