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Yellow Springs Chiropractic Reviews

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What Our Yellow Springs Patients Say

At Yellow Springs Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Amazing Experience

Amazing experience! Katie spent so much time with me. Truly listening to me and all of my concerns. They over exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond! The office staff is friendly and know me by my name even though I’m a newer client. Highly recommend! I cannot give them enough of a referral!

~Nicole P.

Very Professional, Kind, and Helpful

Yes, the entire staff was very professional, kind and helpful. Dr. Grushon has the ability and professionalism to listen to her patients needs and reasons for being there. The clinic provides a most calm , relaxing and healing atmosphere.

~ Doug J.

Felt Very Comfortable

As a mild skeptic (generally speaking) and as a first time chiropractic patient, I was very pleased to learn more about the approaches and science behind the process at YSC. I felt very comfortable with the knowledge and skills of Dr. Grushon and look forward to getting “fixed”! The initial tests were well explained and my first treatment was great.

~ Mark L.

Exemplary Listening and Intuitive Skills

Dr. Grushon’s listening and intuitive skills are exemplary, and I have a deep appreciation that I am an active participant in my wellness. The philosophy of the office- to allow the body to heal itself, is so refreshing and opposite to our nation’s current medical model to keep you in chronic illness. You will be pleasantly surprised at the care you receive at this office.

~ Renee P.

Looking Forward to My Next Appointment

Just loved my visit…..starting with the office staff; very nice & courteous. Very new age scan & testing; the results that came from these tests were very eye opening & unbelievably spot on. Dr. Grushon was so knowledgeable & explained everything in layman terms, even I could understand! Her muscle testing was something I had never had & again, very interesting! The adjustment was the easiest I’ve ever had, thankfully! I am looking forward to my next appointment & becoming healthier from the inside out!

~ Nikki L.


Dr. Hulbert is fantastic. I’ve never stayed with a chiropractor for longer than 2 visits and I have almost completed my first series of 2 times a week. I also plan to continue seeing her until I no longer need to. My son will be visiting Dr. Katie next. I believe she truly cares about her patients health and happiness. Which is hard to find. She is a diamond in the rough. I talk about her to all of my friends, clients and family. On top of the great interaction I’ve had with Dr. Katie, her staff is wonderful as well. I’ve always felt welcome and comfortable in the office. And lastly, I love the location. I’m looking forward to hiking after my appointments when it gets warmer!

~ Amber S.

Amazing First Visit

Thank you for an amazing first visit. You are all so kind and patient to explain everything and answer all my questions. I feel so hopeful about my health plan going forward.

~ Kimberly M.

Absolute Best Care Ever Recieved

I was diagnosed wth Hypothyroidism by medical doctors. After not feeling like I was getting the best care & medications for what my body needed, I sought out alternative medicine at Yellow Springs Chiropractic. This facility has the absolute BEST health care I have EVER received & have already recommended several friends! Dr. Hulbert has been my chiropractor from the start. She is a very knowledgeable & deeply caring person & takes the time to listen to my concerns & offers her expertise.

~ Laura R.

I Can’t Say Enough Good About You Folks

I can’t say enough good about you folks and what you are doing. I have friends and loved ones who would benefit so much from your skills and services. Keep getting the word out about modern chiropractic! Thanks so much Dr. Grushon and all of you.

~ Shirley H.

Learning How To Achieve Better Health

Every one was awesome and helpful. I learned a lot about what is available to me and how to achieve better health.

~ Christina P.


Wonderful. First time I felt like a medical person cared.

~ Christine G.

Very Happy

Very happy with the staff, doctor, and my results so far. The ambience is very calm and relaxing. Thanks!

~ Christopher P.

Welcoming Staff

Everyone at Yellow Springs Chiropractic is very welcoming and ready to assist in any way they can, and I truly appreciate their kindness. Thank you so much!

~ Julia L.

Helpful Staff

I love the genuine interest and friendliness the doctors and staff provide to each patient. Also greatly appreciate the thoroughness of which the doctor(s) explain your personal condition and hopeful outcomes of their manipulations, without ‘talking down’ or being superior. I’ve had many unpleasant encounters with chiropractors in the past and was hesitant to try the practice again. Dr. Hulbert quickly recognized that and is extremely gentle, considerate, and tells me before she makes any adjustments. Not to mention how willing to help the front desk staff are to accommodate the requests I have for products – they actually revolve around the patient rather than the other way around. I’ve never been a patient of a doctors’ office that does that…. A girl could get used to that! I personally think Yellow Springs Chiropractic should be the standard that all medical clinics should meet, whether holistic or allopathic.

~ Melanie C.

Loved My Experience

I have very much loved my experiences thus far with Yellow Springs Chiropractic. Every one is so kind, and my chiropractor is so professional, friendly, and helpful. I am so grateful I finally decided to see a chiropractor.

~ Katlin K.


I was amazed by the personalized care I received. I was given more information about my body in that one visit than I have likely been given my entire time with my family doctor. I am very optimistic about my results. In addition, the atmosphere is so soothing.

~ Tracy R.

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